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Modern solid wood kitchen: design and warmth!

Cucina in legno massello moderna

Fashion at the moment tends to avoid classic kitchens. Bior kitchens can offer anyways a stylish, modern product with the added value of solid wood: a modern solid wood kitchen!

Wood is a warm material that represents, more than any other material, the real essencial idea of kitchen. It is really difficult not to fall in love with a rustic kitchen.

Solid wood, treated only with natural oil, has a high resistance, is antistatic and contributes naturally to diminish the dust in your house.

Our natural wood kitchens like oak, elm, walnut, with their different finishes, are suitable for everyday life and are easy to maintain.

What is important to know before choosing a modern solid wood kitchen?

Modern solid wood kitchen

1. Naturalness and modernity

Entering a kitchen made of wood is always a pleasure. The warm sensation coming from a kitchen in natural wood is special.
Today, thanks to a new concept of living the spaces, we are able to combine technology, modern design and natural wood, creating perfect kitchens.
The right combination of colors and modern materials with wood will make the kitchen even more fascinating.
The modern style, with its clean simple lines, enhances the beauty of natural wood.

2. Resistant and easy to repair

When realizing a wooden kitchen, the durability of its components is fundamental.
Thanks to different types of insulators, the surfaces of wooden kitchens are more resistant, and with small and simple maintenance it is possible to hide small defects such as cracks, indentations and signs.


3. Natural woods

Oak, elm and walnut are the essences proposed in different chromatic variations. The texture is enhanced in the new oak colors, exalting its authentic nature.

Advantages and disadvantages of a modern solid wood kitchen

Points of strength of WOODEN KITCHENS:

  1. Sensation of warmth
  2. Elevated resistance
  3. Natural dust reduction
  4. Antistatic
  5. Hygienic for the contact with foods
  6. Easy to repair

Points of weakness of WOODEN KITCHENS:

  1. More difficult to clean
  2. Subject to some transformations based on light and humidity

How to clean natural wood?

The kitchen has to be cleaned daily, every time you prepare some food.

Clean with a soft cloth and warm water, dry with care. For efficient and at the same time delicate cleaning, always follow the natural wood structure.

In case of persistent stains you can use specific liquid detergents, that do not contain waxes or polishes. After application, rinse the surface, being careful not to leave any detergent residue, then dry with a soft cloth.


White vinegar is a perfect solution to disinfect and clean all the surfaces made of natural wood. It prevents bacterial growth.

Prepare a solution with: 1/2 l of warm water, 5 drops of dish soap and a glass of white vinegar. Mix well and use it with a microfiber cloth on all wooden surfaces.

Download the manual for the cleaning of woodFollow

The wooden kitchen is available in a large variety of colors and combinations.
Wood is the best material for your kitchen. Thanks to our experience we can create a perfect combination of design, modernity and warmth.

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