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Handcrafted Italian high-quality kitchens

Bior is a company with deep roots.
The first productions of Italian artisan kitchens were the result of skilled craftsmanship that is still rooted in everyday life.
The family-run company has been able to invest in production technologies over time, thus evolving the proposal into an ever wider modular program.
The entrepreneurial vision has never lost sight of the roots with the territory to which it belongs, considering its own traditions as an added value to pursue ever greater quality.

We have always cultivated a particular sensitivity to quality and detail that spurs us to always look for new solutions without ever losing sight of the main objective: the well-being of the person. Our Italian artisan kitchens must be a point of reference for everyday life.
This translates into the development of an adequate modular proposal in continuous evolution based on ever-changing needs, as well as particular attention to the choice of materials that we consider to be decisive both for the durability of our products but also as an integral part of an aesthetic project that knows how to make the difference.

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