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NEFF induction hobs: the ideal technology for every kitchen!

neff induction hobs

The Neff induction hobs are ideal for every kitchen-style.

Gourmets and food lovers have always chosen the Neff brand.
The quality of Neff induction hobs is based on design and functionality.
Thanks to innovative solutions, the result of Neff’s historical expertise, it is easier to feel at home: even cooking becomes simpler and more pleasant.

Choose FlexInduction hobs with TwistPad control.

  • TwistPad® Fire is a particular magnetic control with illuminated controls that allows the use of all cooking zones.
  • FlexInduction is a flexible area that allows you to place the pots in any part of the hob.
  • FryingSensor with 5 selectable temperatures, it controls the set temperature and keeps it constant.

Induction hobs: choose Neff.
Technology at your service.

Induction is a “cold cooking” system: it is not the hob that heats up, but the heat is generated directly on the bottom of the pan. Thus, you will no longer run the risk of getting burned or something burning or sticking if it accidentally spills onto the hob.

With Neff induction you can save energy by avoiding unnecessary waste and cook faster: just 2kw is enough to prepare a complete meal!


Neff induction appliances make the most of the power of electricity, obtaining the same heat as gas or electric hobs in a very short time, so you can bring 2 liters of cold water to the boil in just 3 minutes!

Thanks to the new removable TwistPad magnet control you can manage all areas of the hob with one hand.
Once removed it leaves the surface free to be cleaned.

The Powermanagement power control system allows you to adjust the absorption of the hob, preventing to exceed 3.3 kW.
You will be able to take full advantage of the cooking speed without ever triggering the counter.

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