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SMEG appliances: Italian excellence and guarantee

More information about SMEG kitchen appliances.

SMEG combines aesthetic research with a technologically advanced design. Unique appliances that become furnishing elements.

Smeg is an Italian appliance manufacturer in Emilia Romagna, but has branches all over the world.

Thanks to the union between technology and design, the Smeg Group is internationally recognized as a point of excellence for Made in Italy appliances.

There is a wide range of solutions: cooking, aspiration, storage and washing.

What to know about SMEG appliances?

Smeg is committed to the continuous training of specialized technicians. Its service network is in fact considered an integral and essential part for the success of the company and for the satisfaction of the consumers.

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Large Appliances

Smeg appliances have always stood out for their design and attention to detail, ergonomics and functionality, as well as for the use of the best materials, a long-lasting guarantee. The great attention to the reduction of consumption, ease of use, reliability and total safety complete the profile of each Smeg appliance.

Smeg ovens, the difference is in the details.

Smeg blast chiller, optimizing life in the kitchen.

Smeg blast chillers allow you to optimize your daily organization, making the most out of your time, preparing quality dishes and reducing waste.

Smeg refrigerators, enhance your kitchen.

Smeg refrigerators offer particularly versatile solutions for the organization of interior spaces, ranging from combined fridges to essential single-door units, which can also be combined side-by-side.

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