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Ovens and built-in ovens NEFF: design and functionality

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Ovens NEFF

Neff ovens: the pleasure of cooking without obstacles.

Neff ovens are projected to make space for creativity in the kitchen.
Steam ovens, microwaves, traditional ovens … any oven NEFF you choose it will be ideal to create something nice every day.

Choose the right oven for you among NEFF’s selection.

  • Energy-saving is a priority of NEFF OVENS. All the ovens in the Neff range are energy-saving, up to class A -30%. That means they consume 30% less than a normal class A oven. The result is certified by a European Community test, the EN50304.
  • Display LCD and buttons touch
  • Perfect cooking thanks to Circotherm®. An innovative cooking system that guarantees a homogeneous temperature on all oven shelves, for uniform cooking of your dishes, obtaining at 160 ° C what all the other ovens on the market do at 200 ° C.
  • Door opening slide® & hide®.
  • Cleaning of the oven with Easyclean®: cleaning at no cost, just with a glass of water.
  • Low consumption self-cleaning pyrolysis.
  • Steam cooking: the only cooking that does not alter the properties of foods (vitamins and proteins) while preserving their nutritional benefits. Discover the FullSteam combined steam oven.

Opening SLIDE® & HIDE®

Neff is the only brand to have fully retractable HIDE® doors on their ovens, silent and cushioned thanks to the Soft-Hide technology. The SLIDE® handle rotates to facilitate the opening and sliding operation.

An exclusive ergonomic system that combines the convenience of the flap opening (useful for placing the trays) with the convenience of the flag-shaped one (for easy access).

The Neff-exclusive SLIDE® & HIDE® opening system makes the door slide inside the oven cavity, disappearing completely and leaving you free to access the dishes you are cooking without any obstacles.

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