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Neff Steam Ovens: healthy and tasty foods!

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Neff Steam Ovens

Choose steam cooking for healthy and delicious dishes!

Neff says: “once you tried it out it’s difficult to go back!”

Steam ovens are not only a healthy way to cook your favorite ingredients, they are a must by now for who wants a lifestyle dedicated to good food.

Vegetables preserve their vitamins and minerals, meat and fish stay tender and succulent. NEFF steam ovens, such as FullSteam, combine 100% steam cooking with traditional hot air cooking, allow you to have it all in one oven.
Neff Steam Ovens: healthy and tasty foods!

FullSteam combined steam ovens: multiple types of cooking in a single oven.

  • FullSteam® combines the traditiona oven CircoTherm® and the steam cooker.
  • FullTouch Control: control with display TFT.
  • Cleaning of the oven with Easyclean®: cleaning at zero cost, just with a glass of water.
  • SousVide: preparation of vacuum-packed steamed foods at a low and constant temperature.
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Steam ovens NEFF: healthy and tasty foods!

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