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What to know about kitchens with doors in melamine

Kitchen Melamine Doors

A kitchen with doors in melamine is a more economic solution compared to lacquered kitchens or laminate kitchens. It’s a kind of melamine that covers the door and it can have a smooth or a wood-finish. It is an inexpensive material, compared to others, but there are different types available.

Recognizing the poorer ones is very simple: by opening a door in backlight, you will find that very often the foil is not perfectly adherent to the door, creating bulging.

The coating, in this case, is too thin and creates an unpleasant effect on touch and sight.

The most valid products are perfectly glued ones. If I had to choose a low quality one, in the long run, they would even risk peeling in contact with the sink water or with the excessive heat, released by opening the dishwasher.
Obviously there are some types of excellent melamine.

Today, thanks to this innovative material, we can create kitchens with excellent performance and extraordinary aesthetic results. With a wide range of colors, shades and textures of the highest level, it can look almost like real wood.

Strength points of KITCHENS IN MELAMINE

  1. Resistant to shocks and abrasion. For this reason, they are recommended not only for wall units and doors in your kitchen, but also for the worktop
  2. Unexpensive material with a high aesthetic result
  3. Easy to clean and hygienic
  4. High resistance to water, for this reason, it is also suitable for the use on worktops.


  1. Weak resistance to heat. Pay attention to hot pots!

Melamine is one of the most used materials nowadays in the construction of modern kitchens, as it is inexpensive, versatile and easy to clean.


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