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Kitchen island: discover the advantages of a kitchen for the family!

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Vantaggi Cucina con isola

Discover the kitchen island

The kitchen with island in the last years had an incredible success. This kind of modern kitchen is composed of a block, generally at the center of the kitchen, the so called island.

This configuration offers more space available to live the kitchen, both from a functional and relationships perspective. It has a practical and natural direct contact with the living space.

The island can be used as a working space, as a table or it can be equipped with appliances, hob, sinks. The space underneath the surface can be used for storage.

To realize a kitchen with island it is necessary:
1) to have at least one meter of space between the kitchen cabinets on the wall and the island and at least 90 centimeters sideways, so to have an easy passage around the island block;
2) obviously also the doors of the island and the wall kitchen must open easily, allowing the passage .

What are the advantages of a kitchen island?

  1. Aesthetics: it is able to give elegance and professionalism to the environment.
  2. Promotes conviviality: the possibility of being in visual contact with the living area while working in the kitchen, creating interaction with friends and family.
  3. Functionality: it allows you to have extra container bases available and to cook together with more people.
  4. Perfect for children: it allows you not to lose contact with the children, they can reach their parents in the kitchen to do their homework.
  5. Versatility: it allows implementing infinite solutions and adapts to every need or aesthetic taste.

For kitchen lovers there is nothing better: Practical, spacious and simply gorgeous.
Choosing a kitchen with island means donating a touch of warmth and passion, making our kitchen cozy and practical by giving us larger base units, more capacious storage units and drawers and an unbeatable functionality, capable of making guests and friends feel welcome.

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