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What is Ecoresin? Discover kitchens made of Ecoresin.

Cucina in ecomalta

An innovative, ecological and environmentally friendly material.
Ecomalta, also called ecoresin, is an innovative and eco-friendly material, with which it is possible to create a continuous surface.
It is made for 40 % out of certified recycled materials and it is fire retardant, breathable, resistant, flexible, recyclable, free of lime, cement and epoxy resins.

We can certainly say that at the moment it is one of the best innovative materials for modern  high-quality kitchens.

Why choose a kitchen made of Ecoresin?

Ecoresin Kitchen

1. Breathable material

It is impermeable to water, but permeable to vapor molecules, therefore it maintains its natural breathability.

2. Very resistant continuous surfaces

It is resistant to impact and abrasion. Thanks to its great elasticity, it can be used for the creation of continuous surfaces such as kitchen tops, including sinks.
Ecoresin is also widely used for floors, for the coating of furnishing accessories, and in bathrooms.


3. Elegant and durable

The Ecomalta surfaces can be colored with natural pigments.
The colors have long durability, they keep very well over time and do not turn yellow.

Advantages of a kitchen in Ecoresin

The strength points of KITCHENS IN ECORESIN:

  1. Applicable on any type of surface or support, without the need for demolition
  2. Flame retardant, flexible, breathable, frost-proof and antistatic
  3. Non-toxic and eco-sustainable: 40% comes from certified recycling
  4. Resistant to dirt and stains

How to clean a top in Ecoresin?

It’s easy to clean, simple and fast.
We recommend a solution of 30 % vinegar in water.
Then rinse with a soft cloth.
Clean and dry immediately liquids like red wine, coffee and tea.

For disinfection, there are non-aggressive disinfectant detergents, prefer the neutral ones and in any case always diluted with warm water. Absolutely always avoid alcohol, acetone, solvents and similar.

Download the manual for the cleaning of Ecoresin

A perfect continuous surface, customizable in color, composition and texture.
If you desire to experience the kitchen in all its parts, Ecomalta is the ideal material for you. Innovative and eco-sustainable, it represents a modern and green solution.

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